The Fundacio Antoni Tapies

Art should startle the viewer into thinking about the meaning of life.

Antoni Tapies


The Fundatio Antoni Tapies was created in 1984 to promote the study and knowledge of modern and contemporary art and thought as manifested in the diverse forms of expression, with particular attention to the artistic manifestations that are based on cognitive, ethical and aesthetic values, such as the work of Antoni Tapies.

The opening of the Fundacio in June 1984 was made possible by the financial, conceptual and material assistance of Antoni Tapies and his family, through the donation of artworks and part of the artist’s personal library.

My wish is that we might progressively lose our confidence in what we think we believe and the things we consider stable and secure, in order to remind ourselves of the infinite number of things still waiting to be discovered.

Antoni Tapies



The artist has to make the viewer understand that his world is too narrow, he has to open up to new perspectives.

Antoni Tapies



Fundacio Antoni Tapies

Aragó 255
08007 Barcelona

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